Great job! I’d definitely hire again!
Lisa sersion , Middletown Ohio
1 year(s) ago
JDI Handyman Services came on time to my house delivered something very heavy and placed where they normally don’t but they respected my wishes and went out of their way to put in my basement. I’d say what but it’s a Christmas present. Thank you for a job well done and being super friendly and kind. I’d dethird them again.

Front door installation
Patricia, Franklin Ohio
1 year(s) ago

JDI did a fantastic job on installing my new front door. 5 star work. They took their time and made sure it was perfect before they left. They went over and beyond to make sure it was perfect before they left. I would highly recommend them for any project you might have.

Entry Door installation
Bessie Sibert, Dayton
1 year(s) ago

I'm so happy with the work done JDI Handyman Services. The work was expertly done, the installers was friendly and nice. He explained huge work that was done and cleaned up the work area. I would easily reuse this service and recommend them highly. Great job!

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