The Real Alycia Elson
Alycia L Elson, Dayton
3 year(s) ago
I'm the real Alycia Elson and I'm very proud to work for this company. You will notice there is a bad review that has been under my name a few weeks back.That was not me someone created a fake account created under my name. I have contacted Google many times to delete this account along with the false review and they will not do so. I have been an employee of JDI Handyman Services for almost 2 years and plan to continue working here for many to come.

Ceiling repair and shed repair
Jeff, Kettering, Ohio
3 year(s) ago

Cheryl and Tara were awesome and worked very hard to make sure the job was perfect. Great to have a company that can do about any home repair needed.

Outdoor Shed Installation
Tony Casillano , Fairborn, OH
3 year(s) ago
Did an outstanding job building the foundation and framing for my outdoor shed on the slopping terrain of my backyard! They did such a fantastic job, I’ve hired them to do additional work (i.e. electrical, installation of an outside lamppost, and a front door security doorbell). Highly recommend this company!!!

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